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Created by Sébastien Clément in 2003, taking advantage of past experiences in the world of show rental equipment, the company has quickly archieved success. At the beginning it was mostly directed to find technical solutions to the entertainment world. The company quickly realized  the need to adapt, to listen to customers and to find technical solutions to problems they encountered. At that time, the company was developing Large sky tracers with Xenon bulb solutions Enslaved already sold in over ten countries.
For ARCH, initially the main target market was more into the dynamic architectural lighting, as well as the landscape screens thus providing dynamic both indoor and outdoor solutions. ARCH is the abbreviation of ARCHitecture but also of "ARCHE", it is a bridge that connects the customer with society and society with his staff.
In 2005, the company had to continue to innovate; by doing this with a clear purpose to develop a semi-transparent screen, being visible… resistant. ARCH CREATIVE was created. Having in meantime more then 3.000m2 worldwide sold with references such as… ARCH CREATIVE is a new milestone in creative displays, with references such as the Eiffel Tower ScorpionsJennifer Lopez and others who used this product in their events.
 Building on its success with this first product, ARCH creates a comprehensive range to meet the demand for all types of applications. The biggest names of the European market requires ARCH to develop tailor made screens with specific requirements to harsh environments. ARCH is known for easy adapting and innovating the product lines and the manufacturing of tailor made products. Today ARCH is essentially active in the architectural fixed installation indoors and outdoors.
ARCH has always focused on innovation in the "think differently" approach several innovations were brought by ARCHPassive cooling systemno noise and fan-less displayslight screensmagnetic indoor displaysdisplays with white front face and contrastLED power management in Videocontrol RGB led W video, and its not over. We daily continue to develop and to innovate in order to make this technology a "Must Have " in the interior and exterior architecture of tomorrow...

For this ARCH, with a clear and dedicated focus to be much closer to our customers and so enhance in product development, local facilities and local development, is now 24/7 present at three dedicated plants in BelgiumSpain and Dubai.